These are some links to amateur radio and technology related websites. Check back often! Links are updated regularly.

7.272 Rag Chew, “The Chew” – Home of the world-famous 7272 rag chew net. If you have a General Class license, you can check in!

Amateur Radio Repeater Database – Look up repeaters across the US, Canada and Mexico

APRS Symbols & SSIDs – Find out what symbols and SSIDs you should use and when you should use them

APRS Wiki – Get general information on APRS

ARRL – American Radio Relay League

ARRL Net Directory Search – Look for local, regional, and national nets including those that pass traffic through the National Traffic System (NTS)

Become a VE – Find out how you can become a volunteer examiner (VE)

Callsign Database – Look up/validate callsigns worldwide

cocoaNEC – Antenna design and modeling program for the Mac

Coordinates Converter – Convert coordinates from degrees, minutes, seconds to decimal and vice versa

East Cost Amateur Radio Service (ECARS) – A fun and very useful net to listen to and participate in

EchoLink – Talk to hams around the world with EchoLink for Windows

EchoMac – Same as EchoLink, but designed for Mac OS X – Articles, forums, reviews, etc.

Exam/VE Test Session Lookup – Find out when and where you can take the test to get, or upgrade, your license

FLDigi – Operate various digital modes such as PSK, MFSK, RTTY and others

FLDigi Beginners Guide – Learn how to configure and use FLDigi to operate your favorite digital mode

Grid Square (Maidenhead) Locator Map – Look up your — or someone else’s — grid square

Hams for Christ Fellowship Net – A nondenominational net for those who proclaim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior

Hello Radio – Want to become a ham? Need more info about ham radio? Check this site out!

HF Nets by DX Zone – Looking for a HF Net? This is a great place to start!

iTerm – A terminal application with “tabbed terminals,” full-screen mode, Growl notifications and more

License change/renewal – Official FCC site to change or update your address, renew or replace your license, and get info on obtaining a vanity call sign

Mac Ham Radio – A site featuring ham radio programs designed for Mac OS X

MacUpdate – Programs and updates for your Mac. Some are free, some are not

Morse Code Ringtones – Customize a Morse code ringtone for your cellphone

MultiScan – SSTV software for Mac OS X (Requires OS X 10.5+. Will run on PPC/Intel machines)

NightWatch Net – The same hams who bring you “the chew” bring you NightWatch!  If you have a general class license, you can check in!

Old Time Radio – Download your favorite old time radio programs for free from

Packet Introduction – This website, albeit dated, is a great read for those new to packet.

Q Signals, prosigns and abbreviations – Find out what QRM, QSY, 73, 88, and a whole lot more mean!

QuickTerm – A bare-bones terminal program to control TNCs via Mac OS X

RAC – Radio Amateurs of Canada

RF Safety Calculator -Calculate the RF power density for controlled and uncontrolled environments

Rick Tech – Find info on Macs and the Mac OS from a tech’s point of view

RigBlaster – Connect your radio(s) to your computer with the RigBlaster that suits your needs

RUMLog – A free logging program that you can use on your Mac.  Yes, it does have rig control.

Satellite Operational Status Page – Find the operational status and schedule for some of the more popular birds

Satellite Status Page – Get a nearly real-time view of the status for some of the more popular birds

SatScape – Cross-platform satellite tracking program for Mac, Linux, Windows and BSD

This Week in Amateur Radio – Get the latest amateur radio news

Tropospheric Ducting Forcast – Select the desired region from the drop-down box and get the 6-day tropospheric ducting forecast

Warren County Radio Club – A new and growing radio group in Upstate New York

WeatherDock – A free weather app that’s displayed on the dock

WinPack – A Powerful program for Windows to control your TNC (Latest version is 6.80)

Zoomer Radio – Music from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, old time radio programs, and classic radio comedies

ZTerm – A somewhat customizable terminal program to control TNCs via Mac OS X