I’m originally from South Dakota. I lived in Rapid City most of my life. I still have family in Rapid City and across the state.

I moved to Upstate New York in 2007 and married my wife. I love spending time with her and my daughter (she’s not my biological daughter, but I think of her as my own). My in-laws live within an hour from where we live. We all get along very well!

I’m not really sure just how I got interested in ham radio. I remember playing with walkie-talkies and listening to the radio a lot when I was a kid. I maintained my interest in radio throughout high school. I first heard about ham radio on a TV program. I didn’t think ham radio was relevant at that point in time, so I dismissed it. I started working at a commercial radio station my senior year in high school, and continued to do so while I was in college. I saw the movie Frequency when I was a senior in college, and was reminded of my interest in ham radio. I hadn’t heard of Google at that point, but did manage to find the ARRL’s website. After I graduated, got a job and kept it for more than six months, I decided to study for my license.

My station right now consists of a Kenwood TM-D700A, an MFJ 2M/70CM ground plane antenna, a Hustler 2M/7CM mobile mount antenna, 23-amp DC power supply, a Daiwa SWR/Power meter, a G5 Mac, an old Toshiba laptop that is capable of running Windows XP and Ubuntu, of course, a Kenwood TS-440SAT HF rig, and a G5RV antenna tunable from 80m-10m. I have a few other radios, but I’m still working on them and hope to make them permanent fixtures in the shack as well.

I currently hold a general class amateur radio license.  My favorite modes of operation are PSK-31, SSB, FM, and Packet.  I’d love to dabble in RTTY, SSTV, and Morse Code.  Yes, I did have to take the code when I upgraded to the general class license.

That’s a very basic introduction of me! While the majority of the site will be devoted to amateur radio and technology, you’ll find some other tidbits about me, my family and my interests as well.