Hurricane Frequencies …

The big newsmaker over the past 24 to 36 hours (as of this writing) or so has been Hurricane Sandy. It is believed that Sandy will make her trek up the east coast before finally fizzling out.

Regardless of whether or not you are in the effected areas, you might find it interesting to listen in on the Hurricane Net. According to this website, here are the frequencies where the net can be heard:

20 meters: 14.325 — Main frequency during the hurricane
40 meters: 7.268 — Secondary frequency/Water way net-Maritime mobile net
80 meters: 3.815 — Caribbean Net (Alternates: 3.950-N. Florida & 3.940 S. Florida)

These frequencies are subject to change due to propagation and other conditions. There are VHF/UHF frequencies as well as VoIP nodes, but my primary focus is HF.

There may be other frequency listings out there, such as this site, but I’m not sure if they are updated or not.

As is always the practice, please don’t use these frequencies for unnecessary communications purposes. Even though it sounds like the frequencies may be clear, you may be interfering with other stations.

73 de Andre

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