Can I really operate PSK-31 with an indoor antenna?  Is it difficult to interface my computer with my radio? What apps are out there for my iPhone?  Are there any computer programs for amateur radio operators on more than just the Windows Operating System?  If you have two cameras and two monitors, can you see each other using ham radio?

These are questions I’ve heard from others or have had myself at one point in time as being an amateur radio operator.  I still have a lot more questions, as I’m sure you do too.  The really intriguing thing about being a ham is that we’re encouraged to learn and experiment, and no matter how long you’ve been a ham, you can’t know it all!  There’s always something new to learn! Perhaps that’s why I love this radio service so much.

Note that I used the words “radio service” as opposed to “hobby.”  We, as hams, are licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to provide radio communication in times of local, state and federal emergencies, and at times when ordinary methods of communication just aren’t practical.  Tinkering with the radios and antennas should serve to hone our skills in the event that we’re ever needed.

You don’t have to have a 1.5KW amplifier, several radios and an antenna farm to be a ham.  All that’s really necessary is that you have a desire to learn, be of service, and yes, have fun as well!

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73 de Andre  KC0MMY